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NRI Settlement Expert in Matrimonial Disputes

Hon'ble Atur Chatur helps in low cost settlement of matrimonial disputes of NRI couple. This service is also helpful for those where the husband only is a NRI or Foreign Citizenship holder Indian (PIO - person of Indian Origin) & the wife is an Indian / Indian resident. Of Course, Indian resident husband wife can also use this service for settlement of their matrimonial disputes.

QUESTION: Is this service only for husbands & their relatives

ANSWER: Kindly note that, since the, settlement is a noble cause hence we may help both husband & wife but help to the wife is only subject to certain & many conditions. Hence, kindly note that we mainly help non resident Indian men & Indian resident men who are victims of false cases & we are majorly inclined towards husbands (please read below to understand how we settle the court cases of NRI husband).

NOTE:- Hon’ble Atur Chatur Sir do help NRI husbands reach settlement & guides them how to settle the matrimonial disputes with their Indian wives or settlement of NRI matrimonial disputes between NRI couple. Further, it is often seen that the women who file false cases on their husbands are NOT wise enough to understand the importance of settlement so by the time they understand / calculate the far reaching benefits/ implications of settlement their hairs are already white & they may be near menopause, hence, if any woman thinks that she has filed a genuine case or she thinks that she genuinely wants to settle the litigations with her husband without going into the merit of the case then she can contact Hon'ble Atur Chatur to discuss the possibilities of settlement with her husband by paying consultation fees to Atur Chatur Sir.
QUESTION: How the NRI husband can reach settlement? Is it that easy? How Atur Chatur Sir helps a NRI Couple or Indian couple reach settlement?

ANSWER: A NRI has to file 'n' number of valid RTI's beginning with Tax Evasion Petition (if false dowry claim is more than Rs. 10 Ten Lakhs). He needs to follow up with TEP and this TEP must be within a RTI so that the wife can not say at a later stage that her husband has filed a petition/ litigation or counter case. Whenever she says this in court, the NRI husband can revert by saying that, that was not a petition but a RTI only and in the mean time challenge the decision of the Income tax ward concerned where this TEP is pending & press this TEP till the level of central information commission (CIC) & also ask for FIR (First Information Report) against the Public Income Officer of Income Tax Ward concerned for not initiating tep or not disclosing the tep outcome within three (3) months of filing tep citing CIC judgments/ circulars/ standing instructions/ decisions and this abovesaid FIR against PIO must be very well within the Right to Information Rules 2005 r/w section 20 of the RTI Act & relevant sections of Indian Penal Code (IPC) so that this false case is not pushed down the throat of NRI husband in connivance with the I.T. Department which will pressurize the income tax department legally & technically to initiate tep & deliver you the outcome which you will forward to the court concerned so that the FIR is nullified at the lower court level itself.

QUESTION FROM ATUR CHATUR: Do you still need to go for Quash of FIR or Quash of Charge sheet when the FIR can be cancelled at the lower court before framing of issues stage itself i.e., do not allow the court to drag the case to trial when the dowry claim in itself is wrong because proceeding with a false case without deciding your application challenging maintainability of the case is the violation of your human rights & NRI husband needs to press his human rights. This human right can be exercised through a separate application but I suggest that preliminary objection is the best platform to push it. Further, all your representations must be written in such a manner that your human right is directly or indirectly pressed. Hon'ble Atur Chatur Sir is the expert in writing skills as he has the vast teaching experience in University of Delhi in the Department of Commerce including North Campus top colleges but the destiny wanted him to help the men in distress so he has chosen this profession to help the NRI husbands in settlement of their matrimonial disputes by way of counter cases. However, when the cases reach nearing settlement then the instigators can instigate the wife not to settle the cases or to settle the dispute in a manner which keeps the scope for reopening of these false cases without getting into the trouble of IPC 420 against the wife even after running with the installment received by her in a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) hence in such cases it is necessary that the NRI husband understands how to write agreement between husband & wife so that if the wife after accepting first motion divorce money retracts from her statement then a strong 420 IPC case is made out against her.

ANSWER: Hence, after reading the above discussions you must be of the view that, Mediation u/s 89 Civil Procedure Code is the answer which can only result out a compromise to be reached between the varying couple to sort out their differences.
QUESTION: What is the importance of Mutual Consented Divorce & how to use it as an effective strategy?

Answer: Mutual Consent Divorce is also said to be effective strategy but for that whenever a wife files for divorce then that time within a period of 30 days the husband should move an application denying the allegations & agreeing for divorce so that he gets the time to collect evidences and he also gets 90 days mandatory time period to settle the differences if any. Settlement of differences between varying spouses is NOT just meant for living together but can also be meant for parting ways peacefully through a joint consent agreed by both in the name of mutual consent divorce.

QUESTION: What is a compromise & how can a compromise be reached between a couple in a matrimonial dispute and are there any success mantra’s for the compromise to be effective? Can the wife retract from the compromise once agreed upon & signed by her?

ANSWER: Now, after reading the above discussions in above paras we can say that, the major bone of contention is the compromise due to ego problem or ego clashes so for that either the case needs to be fought on merits or one needs to agree to whatever the opposite party demands for. The third middle path suggested by Atur Chatur to NRI husbands is that a non resident Indian must file tep & other counter cases especially perjury type evidence supported cases so that the wife agrees for compromise i.e., the wife is legally forced to come for settlement else she will go to jail for all those lies spoken by her on Sworn Affidavit. The reason to file these counter attacks/ counter cases/ legally supported SOCIAL STIGMA !!! being the belief of the wife in the system that no harm can be done to her even if the case is proved to be false. Hence, the NRI husband must file counter cases to not just prove that the wife is wrong & her allegations are motivated, false, fabricated & concocted but the NRI husband or his relative must also press his applications against the wife one after another so that the wife looks for ways regarding how to compromise 498a with the husband.

Best Wishes & Happy Fighting false cases & SOCIAL STIGMA on you & family!!!.



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    this helpline provides help Non Resident indians working abroad in fighting false 498a and false divorce and other cases filed by wife while the NRI is abroad and this helpline may help the husband fight or contest and close a false 498a or other false cases from abroad without coming to India and without even using any vakalatnama or an advocate / lawyer/ counsel/ solicitor etc

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    the helpline for nri husbands also suggest to fight these cases party in person

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    if you want to know how to close a false fir then you must also know the difference between case closed and a fir closed

    so if a NRI is trapped in false cases then the delhi based men helpline may be contacted to know the real meaning of a false fir and how to close a false fir through fair and unbiased investigation thereby preparation of a b report by the state or police through it's IO i.e., investigating officer

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  3. man cell in delhi (9873540498)

    section 409 of the crpc and also the criminal breach of trust are some of the provisions which need to be studied closely before filing for quash

    but if a LTR is filed before going for a quash then that may be the best stratgey as the falsity comes on record of the courts and this may make the quashing feasible or possible with least pain hence in complaints related to 409 ipc also these may be studied invariably.

    atur chatur's helpline for men rights activists in delhi (9873540498)

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    compromise is always sought in a false 498a not just by wives but also by the husbands especially if the husband is a NRI for the simple reason that this compromise is based on an agreement to close all false cases but if the wife is cunning then after receiving initial amount she may turn hostile to the agreement of mutual contested divorce and the husband i.e., NRI husband may lose his hard earned money and this part payment given to the wife may be used against the NRI husband itself by his disgruntled wife.

    go for compromise in a false 498a but at your terms and if you are adamant to pay to the wife despite falsity of these cases then go for LTR based compromise and details about LTR may be found at and the reason for this LTR is that the section 89 of civil procedure code guides the mediation and if the MCD or agreement is made as per LTR 89 CPC then this may help husband put on record those things which otherwsie may be difficult to.

    hence, it is always beneficial to file for compromise even if the matter is a false 498a especially if you are a NRI and your life and career suffers and you want to get rid of this parasite to go on with your new life with a new wife or live in

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    if the FIR has sole sections i.e., 376 and also the 34 ipc then there may be a greatert possibility of gang rape allegations against those accused who have been made co-accused of the crime with common objective

    and not necessarily the commo0n objective may be to gang rape but it may also be to abet the victim to suicide and one of those accuysed may have actually committed rape crime but the co-accused must have the common intention

    the false rape allegations especially those along with 34 ipc crime in a 376 FIR needs to be studied very carefully and found out the loopholes and after that a LTR as per may be filed.

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    quashing of fir means quashing of criminal proceedings and the section 482 of criminal proicedure code may be used for such quashing but before going for quashing it may be relevant to file a LTR before hand so that the unethical practices may be duly curbed and the human rights of the accused may be protected and invoked

    in delhi, the men cell delhi needs a push from the government so that such org's come up and get estabished by the government of india like there may be women cells in almost all localities of delhi

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    procedure for investigation after FIR may also include testification of the veracity of the complainant because if the complainant is of shady character then the FIR may be false and the IO therefore has the legal duty to weed out false FIR during his investigation

    the set procedure needs to be followed for investigation and this investigation may be unbiased and fair otherwise the husband may be required to file a LTR

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  8. men rights for nri (9873540498)

    men rights for nri may help the non resident indian husband in knowing how to file marriage visa for spouse and this application contains specific details about the girl to be married and taken to the USA/UK by the NRI husband

    498a ipc by atur chatur at the link below may also help non resident husband knowing his rights and procedure for cancellation of a FIR under section 498a of Indian Penal Code

    498a ipc by atur chatur (9873540498)

  9. atur chatur helpline for men in false 498a (9873540498) for NRI (Non Resident Indian) may help a NRI in knowing how to reduce alimony because the alimony or maintenance may be cut by invoking human rights and attacking legal extortion at the right point

    a LTR may be the right approach if the husband wishes to expose falsity of wife thereby reducing alimony or may be arriving at Zero Alimony for the wife based on LTR as per

    In Delhi also such NRI from all over India may be able to get help from Atur Chatur by his able consultation

    so, go ahead and file LTR

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